Here at TRDG, we're always working on things in the background - to widen the scope and utility of TRDG.

We don't want to be one of those projects that keep our community in the dark - we work really hard and we want to brag and show off some of the developments we're making - even long before they're due to be completed.

This page gives our users a glimpse of some of the things our team is working on right now - a Roadmap "sneak peek".

It's worth noting that completing great work takes time and effort, so whilst you may see some awesome stuff on this page, please be patient so we can do the best job possible. Good things come to those who wait!

Tardigrades Finance $TRDG

Work in Progress


INU/TRDG Staking

Users will have the ability to stake INU and be rewarded with TRDG! (and eventually vice versa)

Collaborating with other projects and platforms such as INU Token will continue to help widen the exposure of TRDG.

Watch this space. More info coming soon!

Tardigrades Inu Staking

Dashboard App

Future instalments of our Mobile App will be implemented for growth via social engagement with the Community, Gamers, & Crypto Junkies.

This will include a place that should give amazing and fun repetitive value for our customers - earning everyday via different tasks and events. There will never be a dull day when you open our App and see what you have earned!

  • BSC & ETH Implementation
  • Track Rewards
  • Burn statistics
  • Circulating Supply
  • Holdings
  • Price / Graphs
  • Esports & Gaming Division
  • NFT Viewing and BUY / SELL / TRADE

TRDG (2D Game): Mission Control

2D Space Puzzle/Adventure game coming to Android/iOS & more! We are working tediously to bring a playable demo ASAP.

You, a friendly Tardigrade in space awakened by a startling presence, are confused of where you are but you know you must GET HOME SOON!

Acquiring tools and fuel cells for launch you must explore your ship and find the disturbance that has put your mission in a pending status.

Survive the harsh environments by completing stages of cryptobiosis and generating enough power to push through the unexpected events. Battle various enemies and unlock special items to give you an upper hand while fighting for survival - working your way up the leaderboard to compete for a monthly reward month based on your ranking.

Stay tuned for further updates!!!